Peer Review 2

I really like the layout of Grace’s blog ‘Sentiments and the Like’. The front page has a cheerful photo of her and an image of a beach with the blog title in it. For she is using uppercase letters, the tracking between the letter is wider than normal. I think it is a proper tracking and is easy to read.

The tone of the page is clear and warm which echoes to her heartwarming and personal character portraited in her About section, hoping to connect and inspire readers chasing for their dream. Just as what she said in her posts, she wants these colours remind her reader of a pleasant summer day. It works, sunshine taster! Using beige, brown, blue and black as her color palette when combines together make a warm and welcoming front page.

For the Menu, Grace used slashes to separate each page. The wide tracking between each heading makes the menu easy to read.  She may try writing a tagline for herself to showcase her personality. She explains her use of fonts in her process post and I agree with her that the typography of her blog is easy to read and clean. It may be better if she enlarge the font size of the body paragraphs a bit. The tracking could for the paragraphs can be wider as well.

One thing that I appreciate is the blog’s concept. It is not commercial, materialistic but personal. In her post ‘Dare to Dream Again’, Grace shares  songs that she grew up with, and through these songs, she links to her thoughts on childhood, school, marriage, faith, dream and LIFE. I like how she can see something bigger out of the small pieces of her life.

Under Posiel, a lot is happening. When sliding on the Posiel menu and the process posts, the title of her process posts appear. As more and more posts will be written, I am afraid the bar will be long afterwards, which maybe visually clumsy and problematic. It may be better to open a page with all categorized posts and take away the titles. When readers click inside, they will be directed to all the posts under certain a category.

With the archives and categories, different content is sorted orderly. Under Travels and Lifestyle, there is no post yet. As I realized she has categorized ‘Dare to Dream Again’ under lifestyle, I guess she can easily place the article under lifestyle through making the page as category. I look forward to her new posts and I am sure they would be inspiring.

All in all, I enjoy her blog and I look foward to her posts! Like what Grace says in her post, nothing is ever definite since anything can always be improved. She will definitely bring her audience a pleasant blog in the near future.

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